new poetry online

A couple of my poems (one of which is accompanied by a tantalizing Italian translation by Letizia Merello) are now up to their peculiar little tricks in the new issue of Turntable & Blue Light. See for yourself, if you please:


These two pieces are part of my chapbook 'Tongue Like a Stinger', to be published soon, in free ebook format, by Wheelhouse Press.


In one of my dreams last night, I was part of a menacing knife fight. It was me, an adversary that resembled Uma Thurman's character from Kill Bill, and at least one other person who was on my side. The adversary had a huge knife almost the size of a machete and I had a matching knife; the difference was she seeemd to be some kind of knife fighting prodigy, whereas I had no experience or finesse with knife wielding whatsoever. At first, I faced off with her, but once I realized the discrepancy in our knife fighting skills, I panicked and ran out of the house, leaving my unarmed companion to contend with the merciless knife fighting expert. Unarmed and soon to be unlimbed, likely enough. I felt guilty and cowardly about fleeing the scene, but my own panic had superseded any other feelings. I woke from this dream still feeling very panicked, with my heart racing to the point of alarm; it took me quite a while to calm myself down.


Speaking of sharp knives and darkly fluttering feathers galore, I am planning to update the Thirteen Myna Birds flight formation tomorrow. Although submissions are always accepted, it is not too late to be a part of tomorrow's particular feeding frenzy if you send me your poetry today.