mini reviews

Happy May to you & you & you.

Here are a couple of mini reviews of new chapbooks by poet/editor Brooklyn Copeland.

Of MONDO CRAMPO, my poetry chapbook published through the dusie kollektiv 3 (of which I only have ONE remaining print copy available):

‘The design is cool and the poems are so very Juliet Cook. Meaning, I can't read them before bed or before eating. I can safely read Juliet's poems between the hours of 12p and 4p. I love how inventive she is. I feel like she takes all the girly dressings and yummy fixings about which I am most nostalgic, puts them in a blender with her own blood and spit, and pours them into a cupcake pan for baking.’

Of SPIDER VEIN IMPASTO, the latest Blood Pudding Press multi-writer project:

‘Five stars for design. I love the Blood Pudding chaps. The poetry in this one seems to flow better than in EN (though I loved that one, too). I don't know why I think this. Very good stuff, though. I can never have too much ribbon in my library.’

More at www.BloodPuddingPress.etsy.com